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Need some cute new "swag" for your school bag, sports bag, or gym bag? These are the perfect charms for you! 


These look super cute on your Bogg bag, or any bag that you want to add a personal touch to!
They are personalized with your initials in the "circle font". They include a 2 inch ring that unclips easily, so that putting your charm on and off your bag will be a breeze!  The clip is also convenient for switching your charm to different bags. They are very durable and sturdy charms. 


Colors: [ AS PICTURED ]

The Charm pictured, is black and gold.

After Purchasing, You can send us pictures of the exact colors you want, or you can type them in the personalization box. Please note that if you are wanting specific colors, you will need to message us. This ensures that the colors we pick are not to dark or light for the colors you are wanting us to use. 


You can choose from silver, or gold hardware.

Thank you so much for shopping with us! Message us with any questions you may have! ❤️

-Andersyn Jack-

Wooden Bogg Bag Charm


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