Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

These puzzles are an excellent source of learning for your little one. They make learning how
to spell their name fun! They come in several colors, and can have up to three names.
Each puzzle is handmade and hand painted by us.

We also have alphabet puzzles, numbers, and shapes. These also come in a variety of colors.

Colors available:

Multi-color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Girl specific color: Different shades of purples and pinks (Dusty Rose Palette)
Boy specific color: Different shades of greens and blues. (Vintage Turqouise Palette)

All are made with 1/8 inch Baltic-Birch Plywood. They are sanded down to reveal the natural colors of the wood.

Sizes vary, based on the length of the name and how many names are requested.

One name: 13 inch W 4.5 inch H
Long name: 16 inch W 4.5 inch H
Two names: 19 inch W 4.5 inch H
Two long names:( 2 lines) 16 inch W 9 inch H
Three names: 16-19 inch W (depending on length of name) 9 inch H

All alphabet, shapes, and number puzzles come in a standard size.

Wooden Children's Puzzles