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This adorable Name Desktop Teacher Sign is perfect for any teacher!  It will make the perfect personalized gift for your favorite teacher. They are a gift for your teacher to remember for years to come. This sign will be the perfect accessory to your favorite teacher's desk.


Approximately 9" long and 5"tall 


-Made of quality birch plywood. This sign is laser cut and hand painted and assembled.

They consist of two layers. The first layer is the base, which is sanded and stained. The top layer includes the prefix and the letters of the teachers name.

This sign is complete with the accompanying wooden stand.  The stand is cut in two pieces and can easily be assembled and holds the sign perfectly!

Color scheme can be changed to suit your needs.  The colors pictured are pastel (lighter pastel colors). Also available in standard primary colors.

Purchase "CUSTOM" option to create your own color pallet.  Get creative and use your school colors!!  If using this option, please note the school colors or include your schools logo in a private message so that it can be matched as closely as possible!!

Teacher Name Desktop Sign


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